Property Management

Commercial Property Management

  • Full Service: The List Companies represents institutional and individual investors who require complete property management services. We provide full maintenance, management and leasing services to properly maintain each asset with an eye on maximizing property yields while carefully assessing market conditions and economic trends. Comprehensive property inspections are regularly conducted to maintain "curb side appeal" and marketability of each asset.

  • Hands-on Approach to Management: We get to know our tenants and take a pro-active approach to management.

  • Engagement: We engage with our clients in financial planning to achieve the optimum return on each venture.

Residential Estate Management

  • Personal Service: Clients work directly with our discerning staff and management team.

  • Proactive Maintenance: We can’t stop physical deterioration caused by the passage of time or South Florida’s elements, but we can defer that as long as possible with proper proactive maintenance. We work with our clients to institute regular maintenance programs to minimize costly major repairs caused as small problems escalate into major ones; this is essential to our business model and our sterling reputation.

  • Our clients demand top quality workmanship with a minimum of hassles and we work with established vendors who can meet that rigid standard as well as complete their work on time and on budget. We give our clients confidence that their work is done correctly the first time and they aren’t overpaying for the work being done in and around their home.

  • Properties of Any Size: Whether we are managing a townhome, a house or large estate, the typical services we are asked to provide are:

    • weekly walk-through inspections
    • preparation and oversight of preventative maintenance schedules
    • coordinating contractors and service appointments, including review and approval of all work and bills
    • periodic maintenance required for empty homes
    • hurricane/storm preparation and after-storm care
    • coordination and oversight of the summer project lists
    • …and much, much more

Community Association Management

  • Florida Licensed Community Association Managers

  • High-End Home Owner Associations and Small/Medium Sized Condominiums

  • Full service Community Association management:

    • Regular onsite inspection, bookkeeping, record keeping and bill paying for associations.
    • Training: We maintain insurance policies and supervise and train all association related personnel.
  • Board Member Resources: We attend all board meetings and annual meetings and work with new and existing board members to educate them on how to operate an efficient association.

  • Accounting Services:

    • Accounts receivable: Billing homeowner assessments and processing of special assessments
    • Accounts payable: receive, process, review and pay all bills.
    • Financial reporting: maintain balance sheet, income and expense statements, general ledger, activity reconciliation and copies of all invoices.
  • Personal Touch: Like all List Companies services, we bring a personal, hands-on approach to community management. We deeply understand that each community is unique, and we strive to meet each association, and association member, where they need to be met.


  • Experienced: The construction knowledge and expertise of our staff enables us to coordinate the activities of architects, engineers and contractors on behalf of our clients.

  • We serve as owners’ representatives and project managers, helping to efficiently guide projects from conception to completion.

  • No Conflicts of Interest: We solely represent the property owner. We eliminate the conflict of interest inherent in the relationship between owners and their architects, engineers, and contractors.

  • Fiduciary: As your fiduciary representative during the construction process, we manage the cost, time, quality, contract administration, and project safety, thereby maximizing the efficiency of the construction process from design through closeout.

  • Our expert staff have vast experience acting as owners’ representatives in the Palm Beach County area. We currently serve as project manager for several renovation and/or expansion projects for MorseLife. Other projects include renovation/expansions at the Palm Beach Day Academy, the exterior renovations and hurricane upgrades for the Two North Breakers Row Condominium Association, and the buildout of the medical office and surgery center for a well-known plastic surgeon.

  • Whether you want to build or renovate a home, office or large scale commercial or residential project, The List Companies’ sole focus is to protect your interests -- your project, your time and your money.